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Molecular characterization of the Salmonella typhimurium parE gene.

The DNA sequence of the wild type S. typhimurium parE gene was determined. The predicted protein has 96.7% amino acid identity with the ParE protein of E.coli, but is 29 amino acids longer, due to an additional basepair in the 3' end of the S. typhimurium gene. Subclones of the S. typhimurium parE gene localized the sites of four heat sensitive mutations within parE. The parE206 and parE374 mutations are identical (Val67-Met) and lie in a highly conserved region corresponding to the ATP binding pocket of GyrB. Two additional heat sensitive mutations were sequenced and predict the following amino acid substitutions: parE377 (Gly399-Ser) and parE493 (Thr583-Pro). All of the heat sensitive mutations lie in regions with strong amino acid homology to GyrB.[1]


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