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The role of reversible phosphorylation in the hormonal control of phenylalanine hydroxylase in isolated rat proximal kidney tubules.

Reversible phosphorylation is the major mechanism underlying the short-term hormonal control of phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in the liver. We report here, for the first time, the impact of a range of hormonal effectors on both the phosphorylation state and enzymic activity of phenylalanine hydroxylase present in isolated rat proximal kidney tubules. The most potent stimulator of enzyme phosphorylation was found to be parathyroid hormone, which is known to stimulate the production of cyclic AMP in proximal-tubule cells. In addition, adrenergic amines also stimulated enzyme phosphorylation, although to a lesser extent, through interaction with a mixed alpha 1 and beta receptor population.[1]


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