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Expression of myogenic factors in denervated chicken breast muscle: isolation of the chicken Myf5 gene.

In this study, we have isolated and characterized the chicken Myf5 gene, and cDNA clones encoding chicken MyoD1 and myogenin. The chicken Myf5 and MRF4 genes are tandemly located on a single genomic DNA fragment, and the chicken Myf5 gene is organized into at least three exons. Using genomic and cDNA probes, we further analyzed the mRNA levels of four myogenic factors during chicken breast muscle development. This analysis revealed that myogenin expression is restricted to in ovo stages in breast muscle, and is not detectable in neonatal and adult stages. On the other hand, Myf5 expression is detectable until day 7 post-hatching, and is not found in adult muscle, whereas high levels of MyoD1 and MRF4 are detectable at all stages. To further understand the roles of innervation on muscle maturation, we analyzed the expression of the four myogenic factors in denervated adult breast muscle. We found that MyoD1, myogenin, and MRF4 are induced at high levels in denervated muscle, whereas no change occurs in the level of Myf5. These studies suggest that innervation controls the relative abundance and type of myogenic factors that are expressed in adult muscle, and that when nerve control is removed, the muscle reverts to a neonatal phenotype, with the enhanced expression of three myogenic factors (MyoD1, myogenin, and MRF4).[1]


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