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Frameshifting in the expression of the E. coli trpR gene occurs by the bypassing of a segment of its coding sequence.

The E. coli trpR gene encodes the 108 amino acid long trp repressor. We have previously shown that a +1 frameshifting event occurs during the expression of trpR. Here we show that the transition from the 0 to the +1 frame of trpR occurs by the bypassing of a 55 nt long segment of the trpR+1-lacZ mRNA. This bypassing event is not pretranslational, and it probably takes place during translation. Two adjacent elements are required: a specific sequence of trpR, which must be preceded by a nonspecific 5' end longer than 10 translatable codons. Unique to trpR-lacZ bypassing is that the 55 nt long region must be translated in frame 0 to enable bypassing into the +1 frame. Translational bypassing as a newly discovered mechanism of gene expression is discussed, and the possible existence of translational introns is suggested.[1]


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