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A complex regulatory element from the yeast gene ENO2 modulates GCR1-dependent transcriptional activation.

The GCR1 gene product is required for maximal transcription of many yeast genes including genes encoding glycolytic enzymes. Transcription of the yeast enolase gene ENO2 is reduced 50-fold in strains carrying a gcr1 null mutation. cis-acting sequences that are sufficient for GCR1-dependent regulation of ENO2 expression were identified by using an enhancerless CYC1 promoter which is not normally dependent on GCR1 for expression. A 60-bp ENO2 sequence that was sufficient to provide high-level, GCR1-dependent transcriptional activation of the CYC1 promoter was identified. This 60-bp element could be subdivided into a 30-bp sequence containing a novel RAP1- binding site and a GCR1- binding site which did not activate CYC1 transcription and a 30-bp sequence containing a novel enhancer element that conferred moderate levels of GCR1-independent transcriptional activation. The 60-bp CGCR1-dependent upstream activator sequence is located immediately downstream from previously mapped overlapping binding sites for the regulatory proteins ABFI and RAP1. Evidence is presented that the overlapping ABFI- and RAP1- binding sites function together with sequences that bind GCR1 and RAP1 to stage transcriptional activation of ENO2 expression.[1]


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