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Sequence similarity of a hornet (D. maculata) venom allergen phospholipase A1 with mammalian lipases.

We have determined the sequence of a venom allergen phospholipase A1 from white-faced hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) by cDNA and protein sequencings. This protein of 300 amino acid residues (Dol m I) has no sequence similarity with other known phospholipases. But it has sequence similarity with mammalian lipases; about 40% identity in overlaps of 123 residues. Tests suggest that hornet phospholipase has weak lipase activity. Hornet venom has 3 major allergens, and another hornet allergen antigen 5 (Dol m V) was previously found to have sequence similarity with a mammalian testis protein and a plant leaf protein.[1]


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