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Clinical significance of the galvanic body sway test in cerebellopontine angle tumors.

Since 1984, we have been modifying a new method of recording fine body sway elicited by low current stimuli of less than 0.4 mA, and of quantitatively evaluating the responses by Fourier transform. In order to easily and early detect acoustic tumors, we have applied a test battery consisting ABR, caloric test and galvanic body sway test (GBST) to 31 cases with acoustic neurinoma, to 5 cases with other CPA-tumors, and to 24 cases suspected of having CPA tumors. Of 27 cases with acoustic neurinoma on whom the GBST was performed, 25 cases (92.6%) shows abnormal responses. On the other hand, the ABR was abnormal in all cases, except for one case in the early stage of an ear tumor. However, the ABR was positive in 12 cases out of 24 with suspected findings without tumor, but the GBST was positive in only 3 cases out of 17 tested. Moreover, 26 cases (83.9%) with acoustic tumors showed abnormal CP in their first caloric tests. Comparing these observations with the results of image diagnosis, we conclude that the GBST is as useful for detecting small acoustic neurinomas as the ABR and the carloric test. Therefore, we have routinely used a test battery consisting ABR, caloric test and GBST for evaluation of acoustic neurinomas. However, we could not differentiate between acoustic neurinoma and CPA-tumor by using the three-test battery.[1]


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