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Neuroma, Acoustic

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  • Age dependent phosphorylation and deregulation of p53 in human vestibular schwannomas [16].
  • BACKGROUND: Although mutational inactivation and allelic loss in the NF2 gene appear to be causal events in the majority of vestibular schwannomas, involvement of another potentially important mechanism, transcriptional inactivation, has not been investigated [17].
  • In patients with vestibular schwannomas (VSs) or identified NF2 mutations, the mild phenotype was defined as < 2 other intracranial tumors and < or = 4 spinal tumors, and the severe phenotype as either > or = 2 other intracranial tumors of > 4 spinal tumors [18].
  • The maintained expression of the PTEN protein, together with the lack of detectable mutations in this gene, suggests that the function of the PTEN tumour suppressor gene is not altered in sporadic vestibular schwannomas [19].
  • Recent introduction of O2 computed tomography cisternography and imaging with high resolution program have greatly improved the detection and preoperative evaluation of acoustic neuromas and other possible pathologies of the internal auditory canal [20].

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