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Caloric Tests

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Disease relevance of Caloric Tests

  • In the individual with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss and incapacitating dysequilibrium, the ear with the hearing loss can be reliably implicated as the one producing the vertigo, regardless of the vestibular activity in that ear as measured by the bithermal caloric test [1].
  • METHODS: In 24 patients with SDV who had significant canal paresis (CP) at their first visit to our hospital between 1997 and 2001, we examined pure tone audiograms, caloric tests, and several questionnaires twice, at the first visit within 5 days after the onset and around 2 years after steroid therapy [2].
  • The basis of diagnosis was positive result of the furosemide-loading vestibular evoked myogenic potential test, no canal paresis in the caloric test, and recurrent cochlear symptoms or fluctuating low-tone hearing loss [3].
  • In order to easily and early detect acoustic tumors, we have applied a test battery consisting ABR, caloric test and galvanic body sway test (GBST) to 31 cases with acoustic neurinoma, to 5 cases with other CPA-tumors, and to 24 cases suspected of having CPA tumors [4].

Psychiatry related information on Caloric Tests

  • Based on an analysis of this study, we conclude that duration of symptoms, ABR findings and caloric test results, in addition to hearing level, speech discrimination score and tumor size should be considered as prognostic signs of hearing preservation [5].

High impact information on Caloric Tests

  • This was further confirmed in six MJD patients who had absent vestibular response to both a standard caloric test and ice water ear irrigation [6].
  • By means of a caloric test coupled with electronystagmographic recordings, the effect of commercial HgS and cinnabar on the VOR system of guinea pigs was studied [7].
  • The function of the VOR system was evaluated by caloric test coupled with the electronystagmographic recordings after subcutaneous injection of 20 or 50 mg/kg KBrO(3) or 15 mg/kg thioglycolate, either alone or in combination once daily for 14 consecutive days [8].
  • To elucidate effects of steroid therapy both on the recovery of peripheral function and on the adaptation of central vestibular compensation, we examined caloric test and several questionnaires with two randomly divided groups, 18 steroid-treated and 18 nonsteroid-treated patients, over two years after the onset [9].
  • On the day after the glycerol test, a caloric test was done [10].

Associations of Caloric Tests with chemical compounds


Gene context of Caloric Tests

  • Caloric tests are the clue for diagnosis of sudden unilateral loss (so-called neuronitis), whereas they give only complementary information for patients with BPPV [15].
  • We perform CT if two procedures among the following produce tumour-positive results: ABR, recruitment tests, caloric test, and tomography [16].
  • Pathological findings in ETT, OKP and bithermal caloric test were found in 44.3%, 45.3% and 77.0%, respectively [17].
  • In this study, the caloric test and posturography were used to investigate vestibular function in 41 irradiated patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma [18].
  • This paper deals with the abnormal responsiveness of the paradoxical stabilizing type (SR) occurring after caloric tests (CALT) performed on a passive force platform [19].


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