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Synergy between transcription factors DBP and C/ EBP compensates for a haemophilia B Leyden factor IX mutation.

Haemophilia B Leyden is characterized by low childhood levels of factor IX which gradually increase after puberty, eventually resulting in a return to health. The disease is the result of single nucleotide substitutions within a 40 bp region encompassing the major transcriptional start site. We have characterized transcription factor binding sites within the factor IX promoter. Five sites were identified and a Leyden mutation at nucleotide -5 was shown to interfere with the binding of proteins to one of three newly identified sites. The correlation between the post-pubertal recovery of these mutants and the induction of the transcription factor DBP led us to the discovery of a synergistic interaction between DBP and C/ EBP responsible for the recovery of normal transcriptional activity of the -5 mutant promoter and may play a role in the resolution of other Leyden mutants.[1]


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