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Hydrolysis rates of pyrrolizidine alkaloids derived from Senecio jacobaea.

Many of the commonly studied pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are built upon the subgroup retronecine (RET), which is released from the parent molecule by either base catalyzed or enzymatic hydrolysis of the ester linkages. The rate of appearance of RET in a hydrolytic study would thus reflect the rate of hydrolysis for the PA being tested. We have developed a gas chromatographic (GC) method to measure the release of RET from incubations of PAs with the guinea pig carboxylesterase, GPH1. The PAs tested were the following: jacobine (JAB), jacozine (JAZ), retrorsine (RES), and seneciphylline (SNP). The KmS for SNP and JAZ were determined to be 64.9 and 349.2 microM, respectively. In addition, a qualitative assessment of hydrolytic activity toward a radiolabelled mixture of retrorsine/riddelliine (RES/RIL) was performed with HPLC and radiometric detection.[1]


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