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Clinical coagulation laboratory and oral anticoagulant therapy treatment. Instrumentation and methodology.

To assess the organization and the quality of care of an anticoagulation clinic, the structure, the process of laboratory control and the clinical outcome in our Center are described. 1068 patients under control in 1994 (M/F 572/496; median age 63 range 6-91 ys., 74% in long-term prophylaxis) were evaluated. The clinic was run twice weekly by a physician, two nurses and a technician; management for emergencies was always warranted. Prothrombin time was carried out with a sensitive thromboplastin (ISI < 1.1) and a computer program provided calculation and graphical representation of INR, comparison with therapeutic range, automatic dosage prescription and print out. Laboratory quality of therapy was assessed by three different techniques: 'cumulative INR', 'last check in file' and 'linear change', yielding respectively 69% of laboratory controls, 71% of patients and 80% of days within the therapeutic range. The rate of thrombosis, major and total bleeding were respectively 0.2%, 0.2% and 12.5%. An anticoagulation clinic represents an effective organizational model for the management of patients taking oral anticoagulants.[1]


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