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Temporal differences in praziquantel- and oxamniquine-induced tegumental damage to adult Schistosoma mansoni: implications for drug-antibody synergy.

A temporal study of the effects on the tegument of Schistosoma mansoni adult worm following in vivo praziquantel and oxamniquine treatment was performed. Drug-induced damage to the tegument, exposure of surface antigens and attachment of host antibody occurred rapidly, within 1 h, following praziquantel treatment. Oxamniquine-treated worms required 4-8 days for these effects to be apparent. The 2 drugs differed in the degree and sites of damage on the worm surface. The administration of 2 different polyspecific rabbit sera with drug significantly increased the efficacy of praziquantel when administered with the drug, but not when given 6-9 days after drug treatment. In contrast, only 1 serum was synergistic with oxamniquine when administered with drug and both sera were synergistic when given 6-9 days after drug treatment. The effect of immune killing of drug-treated worms is discussed.[1]


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