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Potential interference of leucite crystallization during porcelain thermal expansion measurement.

OBJECTIVES: The elevated temperatures and slow heating and cooling rates associated with a thermal expansion run provide a thermal treatment comparable to those previously shown to produce leucite crystallization in dental PFM porcelains. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the exposure of dental porcelains to the time-temperature profile of a thermal expansion run could result in leucite crystallization, a potential interference with the accurate determination of the thermal expansion coefficient. METHODS: A total of 112 thermal expansion specimens were prepared, 16 each of six commercially available body porcelains, as well as the "Component No. 1" (leucite-containing) frit of the Weinstein et al. (1962) patent. In a randomized design, the leucite contents of specimens subjected to a 3 degrees C/min thermal expansion run were compared to those of untreated controls. The leucite content of each specimen was determined via quantitative X-ray powder diffraction using an Al2O3 internal standard. One-tailed t-tests were applied to determine whether the dilatometer thermal treatment produced a statistically significant increase in leucite content. RESULTS: The heat treatment afforded by a 3 degrees C/min dilatometer run was not sufficient to induce measurable leucite crystallization in any of the porcelains examined in this study. SIGNIFICANCE: The crystallization of leucite during a dilatometer heating run can be ruled out as a possible interference with the determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion of dental porcelain.[1]


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