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Inhibition of unstimulated exocrine pancreatic secretion by peptide YY in the rat.

Peptide YY is an ileocolonic peptide known to inhibit postprandial and cholecystokinin-induced pancreatic exocrine secretion. It has also been shown to increase intestinal water and electrolyte absorption. These findings implicate PYY as being potentially useful for controlling watery diarrhea. Although its inhibitory effect on stimulated pancreatic secretion has been well established, PYY effects on interdigestive, unstimulated pancreatic secretion is not known. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of PYY on basal pancreatic exocrine secretion in a conscious rat. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were prepared with catheters for internal biliary bypass, pancreatic juice collection, and intraduodenal reinfusion of pancreatic juice. Jugular and carotid catheters were inserted for drug infusions and blood sampling. After overnight recovery, fasting rats were infused over 6 hours with saline or PYY (400 or 800 pmol/kg/hr). Pancreatic juice was measured and sampled at 60-minute intervals for volume and its protein and bicarbonate content. The remainder was reinfused into the duodenum. Before and after the experiment, pancreatic juice was automatically reinfused by a photocell-controlled peristaltic pump system. Intraductal pancreatic secretion was not affected by PYY at a dose of 400 pmol/kg/hr. PYY at a dose of 800 pmol/kg/hr significantly reduced the volume of pancreatic secretion and its protein and bicarbonate content. Pancreatic secretory response normalized within 24 hours. In conclusion, unstimulated pancreatic exocrine secretion can be inhibited by exogenous PYY in the rat.[1]


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