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Pancreatic Juice

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Disease relevance of Pancreatic Juice


High impact information on Pancreatic Juice


Chemical compound and disease context of Pancreatic Juice


Biological context of Pancreatic Juice


Anatomical context of Pancreatic Juice


Associations of Pancreatic Juice with chemical compounds

  • These results indicate that cholinergic nerves play no important role in feedback regulation of cholecystokinin release and that the previously reported suppressive effect of atropine on the pancreatic response to diversion of bile and pancreatic juice from the intestine was secondary to inhibition of gastric secretion [23].
  • Effect of pancreatic juice and trypsin on oleic acid-stimulated pancreatic secretion and plasma secretin in dogs [24].
  • Bicarbonate and cyclic AMP content of pure human pancreatic juice in response to graded doses of synthetic secretin [25].
  • Letter: Cyclic GMP in pure human pancreatic juice [26].
  • Our data demonstrate that the major citrate-soluble protein of precipitates in pancreatic juice is identical with "stone protein". They are strongly support the concept that this protein is the organic matrix of pancreatic stones [27].

Gene context of Pancreatic Juice

  • Telomerase detection in cells derived from breast fine needle aspirates, bronchial washes, and pancreatic juices show high sensitivity and specificity for cancer detection [28].
  • In pancreatic juice specimens, some carcinoma samples showed remarkably high expression of hTERT [29].
  • In pancreatic juice, there was a significant difference in S100A6 expression between patients with carcinoma and those with nonneoplastic disease [30].
  • Our findings suggest that the expression of CTSE is associated with the pathogenesis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, that CTSE in the pancreatic juice seems to be a useful marker for a definitive diagnosis and that CTSE may be expressed at a relatively early stage of multistep carcinogenesis in pancreatic lesions [31].
  • These two proteins were purified to homogeneity from canine pancreatic juice and no significant catalytic activity was observed with dog PLRP1 on any of the substrates tested: di- and tri-glycerides, phospholipids, etc [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pancreatic Juice


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