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  • The adherent mucus gel acts as a physical barrier against luminal pepsin and provides a stable unstirred layer that supports surface neutralization of acid by mucosal HCO3-. Surface neutralization by mucosal HCO3- provides a major mechanism of protection against acid in the proximal duodenum [9].
  • METHODS: In a double-blind study, we randomly assigned 935 patients who required continuous NSAID therapy and who had ulcers or more than 10 erosions in the stomach or duodenum (or both) to receive 20 mg or 40 mg of omeprazole orally in the morning or 200 microg of misoprostol orally four times daily [10].
  • Expression of p45 NF-E2 messenger RNA was detected in erythroid tissues of normal mice and in the duodenum of normal and severely anaemic beta-thalassaemic (Hbbd-th3/Hbbd-th3) mice [11].
  • The motilin receptor is expressed in enteric neurons of the human duodenum and colon [12].
  • It is hypothesized that the rapid arrival and glucose in the duodenum may produce hunger [13].

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Biological context of Duodenum

  • BACKGROUND & AIMS: Pdx1 plays a pivotal role in pancreas organogenesis and specification of some types of cells in the duodenum and antral stomach [19].
  • The strong predominance of DRA over NHE3 and NHE2 expression in duodenum was paralleled by much higher Cl-/HCO3- than Na+/H+ exchange rates in brush border membrane vesicles and likely explains the high duodenal HCO3- secretory rates [20].
  • Involvement of Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) kinase in the stimulation of preproinsulin and pancreatic duodenum homeobox 1 gene expression by glucose [21].
  • The amino acid sequence deduced from the shorter transcript is identical to a precursor form of secretin recently isolated from porcine duodenum [Gafvelin, G., Jornvall, H. & Mutt, V. (1990) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87, 6781-6785] [22].
  • Dietary iron starvation results in a dramatic upregulation of the Nramp2 isoform I in the proximal portion of the duodenum only, whereas expression in the rest of the small intestine and in kidney remains largely unchanged in response to the lack of dietary iron [23].

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