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Glucuronide conjugates of 4-aminobiphenyl and its N-hydroxy metabolites. pH stability and synthesis by human and dog liver.

Glucuronide conjugates of arylamines are thought to be important in the carcinogenic process. This study investigated the pH stability and synthesis of glucuronide conjugates of 4-aminobiphenyl and its N-hydroxy metabolites by human and dog liver. Both dog and human liver slices incubated with 0.06 mM [3H]-4-aminobiphenyl produced the N-glucuronide of 4-aminobiphenyl as the major product. After 2 hr of incubation, the N-glucuronide of 4-aminobiphenyl represented 52 and 27% of the total radioactivity recovered by HPLC in dog and human, respectively. When 4-aminobiphenyl, N-hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl, or N-hydroxy-N-acetyl-4-aminobiphenyl was added to human microsomes containing [14C]UDP-glucuronic acid, a new product peak was detected by HPLC. At 0.5 mM, the rate of glucuronidation was N-hydroxy-N-acetyl-4-aminobiphenyl > N-hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl > 4-aminobiphenyl. The rate of formation of the N-glucuronide of 4-aminobiphenyl was similar to that observed with benzidine and N-acetylbenzidine. The glucuronides of 4-aminobiphenyl and N-hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl were both acid labile with T1/2 values of 10.5 and 32 min, respectively, at pH 5. 5. The glucuronide of N-hydroxy-N-acetyl-4-aminobiphenyl was not acid labile with T1/2 values at pH 5.5 and 7.4 of 55 and 68 min, respectively. The glucuronide of 4-aminobiphenyl was the most acid labile conjugate examined. Thus, the glucuronide of 4-aminobiphenyl is a major product of dog and human liver slice metabolism and likely to play an important role in the carcinogenic process.[1]


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