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An unusual presentation of cat scratch encephalitis.

Cat scratch disease is an infectious illness that has been recognized since the 1880s; however, our understanding and knowledge of it is still evolving (1). It was not until 1991 that the etiologic species, Rochalimaea, was finally confirmed (2,3). Only recently have the breadth of its clinical spectrum and the population at risk been appreciated. We now realize that signs and symptoms that had been considered cardinal for diagnosis may be absent. Cat scratch disease was known to afflict primarily children and adolescent; however, the incidence of CSD is increasing in immunocompromised groups, such as AIDS and transplant patients (3,4). The recent discovery of the infectious agent and improved understanding of the disease process have led to new approaches in diagnosis and treatment. We present a report of a patient with cat scratch disease who presented with seizure and altered mental status secondary to encephalitis.[1]


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