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Predicting success in psychiatric training for foreign medical graduates: II. Patterns in course.

Faculty ratings of 22 foreign medical graduates ('FMGs'), all of whom entered psychiatric residency training at the University of Missouri-Columbia from 1966 through 1973, were compared with those of a similar group of North American medical graduates ('AMGs'). An on-going evaluation programme provided data for a variety of parameters ranging from 'theoretical knowledge' to 'clinical skills'. Results indicated that in most of performance the median FMG started at a level substantially lower than that of the median AMG and very slowly caught up. When achievement criteria were utilized it became apparent that, at least by the third year of training, 'superior' FMGs could equal or surpass the median performance of 'superior' AMGs, whereas 'marginal' residents, whether foreign or native-born, seldom attained even competence in most major spheres of functioning. Implications of these findings and those in related studies are discussed.[1]


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