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Internship and Residency

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Disease relevance of Internship and Residency


Psychiatry related information on Internship and Residency


High impact information on Internship and Residency

  • We show that the murine GlcNAcT-IVa glycosyltransferase is required for Glut-2 residency on the beta cell surface by constructing a cell-type- and glycoprotein-specific N-glycan ligand for pancreatic lectin receptors [6].
  • ACTH and cortisol levels during residency training [7].
  • These residues can be transplanted onto the cytoplasmic tail of other membrane-bound proteins such that ER residency is conferred [8].
  • Here, we show that the binding of complement-tagged antigens stimulates the translocation of both the BCR and the CD19/CD21 complex into lipid rafts, resulting in prolonged residency in and signaling from the rafts, as compared to BCR cross-linking alone [9].
  • PARTICIPANTS: A total of 125 HCWs (91 hospital employees and 34 house staff or medical students [the physician group]) who had a positive tuberculin skin test between July 1992 and January 1994 and were offered isoniazid preventive therapy [10].

Biological context of Internship and Residency


Anatomical context of Internship and Residency

  • Comparative end organ weights as well as plasma testosterone determinations reported earlier indicated that, with continued intraabdominal residency 3 months and longer, the Leydig cells in this strain of rat became significantly less responsive to stimulation by pituitary gonadotropic hormones [16].
  • Altogether, these results suggest that KKXX and KDEL retrieval motifs have different topological effects on theirs own at steady state: the first results in a specific enrichment in the intermediate compartment and cis-Golgi complex, and the latter dictates residency in the endoplasmic reticulum [17].
  • These findings suggest that Nef alters the normal routing and residencies of the CD4 molecule and that the positive effect of Nef on T cell activation is independent of this modulation [18].
  • After doxycycline is withdrawn, the recombined locus persists for at least 60 days, indicating that recombination has occurred in epithelial cell progenitors that have long residency times in the proliferative units of the intestine (crypts of Lieberkühn) [19].
  • Interestingly, abrogation of Ung activity in M. smegmatis results in nearly a total abolition of their multiplication and a much-decreased residency in macrophages stimulated with interferon gamma [20].

Associations of Internship and Residency with chemical compounds


Gene context of Internship and Residency

  • Dominant active Rap1A, in contrast to Ras, when introduced into epithelial MDCK and MCF-7 cells, does not perturb AF-6-specific residency in cell-cell adhesion complexes [26].
  • Mutation of a consensus nuclear localization signal in MusTRD1/BEN results in a reversal of nuclear residency of the two proteins and a concomitant gain of c-fos promoter activity [27].
  • Regulation of follitropin receptor cell surface residency by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway [28].
  • The kinetic parameters for the binding, internalization, intracellular residency, and recycling of 125I-labeled transferrin were unchanged by PMA treatment, as were the rate and extent of internalization of anti-receptor antibody [29].
  • SETTING: University-affiliated Veterans Affairs Medical Center. DESIGN: Two internal medicine house staff teams (one PGY-1 [postgraduate year] and one PGY-2 or PGY-3) observed during 5 short call admitting days [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Internship and Residency

  • Impact of fellowships on orthopaedic surgery residencies, patient care, and orthopaedic practice. Part I [31].
  • The rotation as incorporated into the geriatrics curriculum of the Family Practice Residency, Knoxville Unit, University of Tennessee College of Medicine, involves all second-year and third-year residents in the medical care for patients of a 222-bed long-term care facility [32].
  • Across the decade there also had been a significant increase in the percentage of IM programs offering structured education in chest auscultation (cardiac auscultation increase, 27.1 to 48% [p < 0.001]; pulmonary auscultation increase, 14.1 to 23.7% [p < 0.02]), but no significant changes for FP residencies [33].
  • The DMFT values were related to the fluoride content in the drinking water, oral hygiene, residency and year of examination [34].
  • Because of the diminishing number of patients diagnosed with otosclerosis, the adequacy of residency training in stapedectomy techniques remains controversial [35].


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