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Nuclear medicine training in china.

There are diverse approaches to the teaching of nuclear medicine in China: (1) Nuclear medicine is taught as part of the clinical curriculum in most medical schools. (2) Three medical schools undertake undergraduate training in nuclear medicine. (3) Four medical schools train nuclear medicine specialists to graduate level. (4) Eight medical schools have been authorized to provide a postgraduate programme in nuclear medicine leading to an M.S. degree. Among them, four are also permitted to offer Ph.D. degrees. (5) No less than 20 medical schools offer a course in "Isotope techniques and their biomedical applications" for graduate students in various fields of medicine. (6) Many departments of nuclear medicine in medical schools offer short-term training courses or continuing education workshops on specific topics in nuclear medicine. (7) Some schools of pharmacy offer radiopharmacy courses. (8) Members of staff undergo in-service training in computer science, foreign languages, radiology, etc. (9) Graduate students and more senior scientists or physicians are sent abroad to pursue advanced training. (10) Foreign students have been admitted to our nuclear medicine centres for further training. (11) Exhibitions, summer camps and radio broadcasts have been used to inform the community of the usefulness of nuclear medicine.[1]


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