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Translational repression dependent on the interaction of the Xenopus Y-box protein FRGY2 with mRNA. Role of the cold shock domain, tail domain, and selective RNA sequence recognition.

We have examined the determinants of the translational repression of mRNA by the Xenopus oocyte-specific Y-box protein FRGY2 using in vitro and in vivo assays. In vitro reconstitution of messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) complexes demonstrates that the sequence-specific RNA-binding cold shock domain is not required for translational repression, whereas the RNA-binding C-terminal tail domain is essential. However, microinjection of reconstituted mRNPs into Xenopus oocytes demonstrates that although translational repression occurs in the absence of consensus RNA binding sequences for FRGY2, the presence of FRGY2 recognition elements within mRNA potentiates translational repression. Analysis of the in vivo assembly of mRNP shows that the cold shock domain alone is not stably incorporated into mRNP, whereas the C-terminal tail domain is sufficient for stable incorporation. We suggest that translational repression of mRNA by FRGY2 is favored by sequence-selective recognition of RNA sequences by the cold shock domain. However, translational repression in vitro and the assembly of mRNP in vivo requires the relatively nonspecific interaction of the C-terminal tail domain with mRNA. Thus two distinct domains of FRGY2 are likely to contribute to translational control.[1]


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