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A short CIC-2 mRNA transcript is produced by exon skipping.

CIC-2 is a voltage- and volume- regulated chloride channel expressed in many tissues. We have shown that CIC-2 in rat lung airways is significantly down-regulated after birth [Murray,C.B. et al. (1995) Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol., 12, 597-604]. During PCR amplification from rat lung cDNA, a second transcript was identified which is 60 bp shorter than the full length sequence. The peptide translated from this 60 bp sequence contains many positively charged amino acid residues. Rat genomic DNA sequencing showed that the 60 bp sequence is an intact exon. A 71% pyrimidine content and an AAG 3'-end splice site in the intron immediately upstream from the 60 bp sequence were identified which may account for the alternative splicing of the following exon. Human genomic sequence analyses demonstrated similar intron-exon arrangement. A high CT content and an AAG 3' acceptor site were conserved in the intron corresponding to the rat upstream intron. The presence of the full length short form transcript was confirmed in rat kidney by RT-PCR, and the ratio of the long and the short form transcripts varied significantly according to the tissues examined, with the lowest long/short form ratio found in the lung among the tissues studied. Our data demonstrated that the alternatively spliced short form (CIC-2S) is transcribed in many rat tissues, the ratio of the long/short form transcripts is lower in the lung compared with the brain, and the genomic organization in this area is conserved in rat and human.[1]


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