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Enhancement of bone formation by drawn poly(L-lactide).

Poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) was molded into films and rods, and drawn in the longitudinal direction to endow them with piezoelectricity. The piezoelectric constants of PLLA films increased with the draw ratio and, after passing a maximum at a draw ratio around 5, decreased. PLLA samples with a draw ratio 5 underwent fibrilization. The PLLA rods were intramedullarily implanted in the cut tibiae of cats for internal fixation up to 8 weeks. Fracture healing was clearly promoted with increased callus formation as the draw ratio of the PLLA rod increased, whereas the undrawn PLLA as well as a polyethylene control rod had no effect on callus formation, or rather, retarded it. This finding strongly suggests that the promotion of fracture healing by fixation with drawn PLLA can be ascribed to the piezoelectric current generated by the strains accompanying leg movement.[1]


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