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Genetic differences inthe te of histidase synthesis in inbred mice.

Inbred strains of mice fall into two groups with respect to their liver histidase activity levels, high strains having approximately twice as much activity as low strains. Analysis of the F1, F2, and backcross progeny of the mating of a high activity strain (C57BL/6J) and a low activity strain (C3H/HeJ) indicates that the difference between the strains is determined by a single genetic locus with two alleles exhibiting additive inheritance. No differences with respect to various physical and kinetic parameters were found in studies of partially purified histidase from both strains. Quantitation of the amount of enzyme present by immunotitration showed that the amount of enzyme antigen is proportional to the level of enzyme activity in the two strains. Measurements of the relative rates of histidase synthesis by combined radiochemical and immunological techniques showed that the relative rate of synthesis was closely correlated with the amount of enzyme present. Rates of enzyme degradation in the two strains, measured by recovery of activity after irreversible inhibition with nitromethane, were the same.[1]


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