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Early response to the effect of iron fortification in the Venezuelan population.

In Venezuela a severe economic crisis beginning in 1983 provoked a progressive reduction of the quality and quantity of food consumed by the low socioeconomic strata of the population. In these strata, which represent > or = 80% of the Venezuelan population, we had seen a continuous increase in the prevalence of iron deficiency during that recent decade. As a result, in 1993 the Venezuela Government created the Special Commission for Enrichment of Foods. That same year a fortification program began in which precooked yellow and white maize and wheat flours were enriched with 20 and 50 mg Fe (as ferrous fumarate)/kg flour, respectively. The corn flour was also enriched with vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, whereas the wheat flour was enriched with these same vitamins, except vitamin A. These two cereals represent 45% of the total energy consumed daily by the low socioeconomic strata of the population. A preliminary survey carried out in Caracas in 1994 in a population of 307 children aged 7, 11, and 15 y showed that the prevalence of iron deficiency determined by measuring the serum ferritin concentration and the prevalence of anemia were reduced from 37% and 19%, respectively, in 1992 to 15% and 10%, respectively in 1994.[1]


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