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Core promoter elements are essential as selective determinants for function of the yeast transcription factor GAL11.

The GAL11 gene product, which copurifies with RNA polymerase II holoenzyme, is necessary for full expression of many, but not all, genes in yeast. Here we shows that the GAL11 dependence of a gene for expression is determined by the core promoter structure. In the GAL80 gene, a gal11 null mutation caused reduction of TATA-dependent transcription, but exerted no effect on initiator-mediated transcription. GAL11 stimulated TATA-dependent transcription, but did not affect the TATA-independent transcription in HIS4. GAL11 was also required for transcription mediated by a canonical TATA sequence but not by a nonconsensus TATA sequence of HIS3. These results suggest that GAL11 is specifically involved in the transcription machinery formed on the TATA element.[1]


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