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Immobilized chymotrypsin on reversibly precipitable polymerized liposome.

A polymerized liposome (PLS) was prepared using a synthesized phosphatidylethanolamine with a diacetylene moiety that showed a reversibly precipitable property on addition and removal of salt. To prepare a soluble-insoluble immobilized enzyme, chymotrypsin was covalently immobilized on the outer surface of the PLS. The carbodiimide method was employed for the enzyme immobilization. Coupling was rapid and nearly complete at a weight ratio of enzyme to the PLS of < 0.12. The immobilized enzyme showed favorable activity yields for both low- and high-mol-wt substrates, i.e., 90 +/- 9% for N-benzoyl-L-tyrosine ethyl ester and 59 +/- 5% for casein up to an enzyme coupling density of 0.38 g/g-PLS. The immobilized enzyme was reusable and more stable at high temperature and long-term incubation than the native enzyme.[1]


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