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Elevated levels of albumin in soleus and diaphragm muscles of mdx mice.

Muscle damage is often associated with an influx of extracellular fluid containing albumin into the muscle. Muscles affected by muscular dystrophy undergo severe muscle damage; therefore, the hypothesis was tested that muscles of dystrophic (mdx) mice contain elevated levels of albumin. Albumin levels in diaphragm (DIA) and soleus (SOL) muscles of control and mdx mice were measured at 3 months and 1 year of age. Albumin in mdx DIA at 1 year of age was twice that of control. In mdx SOL at 1 year of age albumin was increased 25% compared with control. The increase in albumin correlates well with the decline in function in mdx DIA and SOL muscles. Electron microscopy of muscles suggests that albumin is co-localized with transverse tubules of muscle fibers and thus may be mainly located in extracellular fluid. We conclude that albumin is elevated in muscles affected by muscular dystrophy and suggest that this may be of clinical importance in view of substances bound to albumin under physiological conditions.[1]


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