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Prt1, an unusual retrotransposon-like sequence in the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus.

This work reports the isolation and structural characterization of Prt1, a 4.7 kb retrotransposon-like sequence from the filamentous fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus. Two open reading frames are found within Prt1. The first shows no similarity with known genes. The second encodes peptide stretches similar to the reverse transcriptase and RNaseH domains of the Ty3/gypsy family of LTR-retrotransposons. Prt1 lacks long terminal repeats, having instead short (54 bp) terminal inverted repeats. No target site duplication has been found. A single copy of Prt1 was detected in the genome of P. blakesleeanus. Adjacent to this sole copy of Prt1, a cluster of various short sequence repeats, both direct and inverted, is found. These sequences, which are reminiscent of defective, non-retroviral transposable elements, are also represented in other regions of the P. blakesleeanus genome.[1]


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