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The Drosophila DSP1 gene encoding an HMG 1-like protein: genomic organization, evolutionary conservation and expression.

The gene that encodes the dorsal switch protein (DSP1) has been isolated from a Drosophila melanogaster cosmid library. It is organized into seven exons and six introns. The relative position of the introns within the region coding for the high mobility group (HMG) domains are identical to those of vertebrate HMG 1/2 genes. The close similarity between DSP1 and HMG 1/2 genes strongly suggests that these genes derived from a common ancestral gene. DSP1 encodes, at least, two distinct mRNAs that differ in the length of their 5'-untranslated region and coding sequence. Detailed sequence analysis shows that alternative splicing of precursor mRNA gives rise to the two isoform mRNAs found in Drosophila cells.[1]


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