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Lactic acidosis in diabetic patients.

Plasma lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations were measured during episodes of ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis in diabetics. In 39 patients with ketoacidosis, with a mean plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration of 12.4 millimols/liter, the plasma lactate concentration was less than 3.6 millimols/liter in 28 and moderately elevated in 11. In seven of the latter, coexisting lactic acidosis had been suspected clinically. In these 39 patients, there was no correlation between plasma lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations. In six of ten episodes of presumed and later proved lactic acidosis, despite negative or weakly positive serum reactions with sodium nitroprusside, the plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration was elevated. Although positive, the serum reaction with nitroprusside was also misleadingly weak in five of 39 patients with ketoacidosis, including three with plasma lactate concentrations less than 3 millimols/liter.[1]


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