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GM1 ganglioside improves spatial learning and memory of aged rats.

GM1 ganglioside, 30 mg/kg, i.p., was administered to cognitively impaired aged rats for 30 days, and spatial learning and memory evaluated in a Morris water maze paradigm. During treatment with GM1, aged animals improved both the acquisition and retention of place navigation, as reflected by reduced escape latencies and swim distances to a hidden platform, and persistently performed better than the aged control animals. Furthermore, the GM1-treated animals showed improved spatial acuity in a spatial probe test when the hidden platform was removed. The improved performance in place navigation was not lost if GM1 treatment was discontinued and the animals tested up to 15 days later. GM1 treatment had no effect on the performance of young rats in the water maze. These results indicate that memory deficits associated with aging can be attenuated by treatment with GM1 ganglioside.[1]


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