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Binding of histamine H3-receptor antagonists to hematopoietic progenitor cells. Evidence for a histamine transporter unrelated to histamine H3 receptors.

Hematopoietic progenitor cells can take up histamine or release IL-3-induced histamine through a bi-directional transport system that is blocked by H3-receptor antagonists. In the present study we demonstrate a correlation between the affinity of various H3-receptor antagonists and their potency as inhibitors of histamine uptake. All compounds that blocked histamine uptake also inhibited IL-3-induced histamine release. Yet, classical H3 receptors are not involved in this biological activity, since highly specific histamine H3-receptor agonists neither alter histamine uptake nor affect the release of endogenous histamine synthesized in response to IL-3. Furthermore, the inhibitory effect of H3-receptor antagonists on histamine uptake was not reversed by the agonists. Unlike H3-receptor antagonists, the agonists did not displace the binding of the labeled antagonist iodoproxyfan.[1]


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