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Personality disorder scores improve with effective pharmacotherapy of depression.

INTRODUCTION: We hypothesized that the probability of personality disorder ('PROB') predicted by the Temperament and Character Inventory (' TCI') would decline after successful pharmacotherapy of depression. METHODS: We administered a computerized version of the TCI to 15 patients with DSM-III-R major depression, before and after treatment with serotonergic antidepressants. RESULTS: PROB declined from 58.9% +/- 18.0% to 42.4% +/- 22.8% (P < 0.003), due to a significant increase in the Self-Directedness scale. This change in PROB correlated with improvement in self-rated severity of depression (P < 0.02). CONCLUSION: TCI prediction of personality disorder is susceptible to state effects of depression.[1]


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