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Epileptic seizures and event-related potentials (P300) in childhood partial epilepsies.

To clarify the relationship between cognitive function and clinical seizures, auditory event-related potentials (P300) were examined in 72 patients (185 trials) with partial epilepsy. Twenty-six patients (67 trials) had idiopathic partial epilepsies (IPE), and 46 (118 trials) symptomatic or cryptogenic partial epilepsies (SPE). In this study, to rule out the effects of epileptogenesis and other factors, we only examined patients with partial epilepsies undergoing carbamazepine (CBZ) monotherapy at doses of less than 16 mg/kg/day. The results were: 1) the mean age-corrected P300 latency in the patients with SPE (394 +/- 38 msec) was significantly prolonged compared with that in the patients with IPE (378 +/- 28). 2) The prolongation of the P300 latency had no relationship to the seizure frequency, seizure type or seizure duration. 3) In both epileptic groups, there was no significant correlation between the seizure-free period and the age-corrected P300 latency. Our results suggest that the effect of clinical seizures on the cognitive function may be relatively little, and that the cognitive dysfunction in partial epilepsies may mainly originate from epileptogenesis or other factors.[1]


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