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Cellular transport of CI-980.

CI-980, originally synthesized as a potential folate antagonist, is a tubulin-binding mitotic inhibitor currently in pediatric phase I and adult phase II clinical trials. Because of its extensive tissue distribution in animals and its favorable activity against multidrug resistant (MDR)-cells compared with other mitotic inhibitors, such as vincristine, we examined the membrane transport properties of CI-980. CI-980 accumulated rapidly in L1210 and CHO/K1 cells, reaching intracellular levels 40- and 8-fold higher, respectively, than those in the extracellular medium. Efflux was also quite rapid, but a small fraction of drug remained associated with the cells in drug-free medium. The uptake of CI-980 was not temperature or energy dependent, nor was it saturable up to an extracellular concentration of 100 microM. Inhibitors of nucleoside transport had no effect on CI-980 uptake. A cell line deficient in the transport of reduced folate was not resistant to CI-980, nor did it exhibit reduced CI-980 uptake. A 100-fold excess of the R-enantiomer inhibited CI-980 uptake by only 50%. These results are consistent with a model of CI-980 uptake involving passive diffusion followed by significant but largely reversible binding to intracellular or membrane components.[1]


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