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roughex down-regulates G2 cyclins in G1.

Cell cycle arrest in G1 at the onset of patterning in the Drosophila eye is mediated by roughex. In roughex mutants, cells accumulate Cyclin A protein in early G1 and progress into S phase precociously. When Roughex is overexpressed in S/G2 cells, Cyclin A is mislocalized to the nucleus and degraded, preventing mitosis. Whereas Roughex inhibits Cyclin A accumulation, Cyclin E down-regulates Roughex protein in vivo. Roughex binds to Cyclin E and is a substrate for a Cyclin E-Cdk complex in vitro. These data argue that Roughex inhibits Cyclin A accumulation in early G1 by targeting Cyclin A for destruction. In late G1, Roughex is destabilized in a Cyclin E-dependent process, releasing Cyclin A for its role in S/G2.[1]


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