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Laminin-alpha2 but not -alpha1-mediated adhesion of human (Duchenne) and murine (mdx) dystrophic myotubes is seriously defective.

It has been suggested that alpha-dystroglycan links the dystrophin- associated protein complex and extracellular matrix and that the absence of dystrophin and alpha-dystroglycan in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) may lead to the breakdown of this linkage. In the present study, myotubes from DMD patients and murine X-linked muscular dystrophic mice (mdx) were used to measure their adhesive force to the physiological laminin-alpha2 substrate, and it was found that the dystrophic myotubes were selectively unable to sustain adhesion. However, normal and dystrophic myotubes attached equally well to the laminin-alpha1 substrate. As far as we know, this is the first experimental evidence that the absence of dystrophin causes the complete loss of a still unknown laminin-alpha2-dependent adhesion force, therefore suggesting that the primary consequence of Duchenne dystrophy consists of the loss of an authentic mechanical linkage at the level of the alpha-dystroglycan/basal lamina interface.[1]


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