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Deletion of SHIP or SHP-1 reveals two distinct pathways for inhibitory signaling.

Two signaling molecules have been implicated in the modulation of immune receptor activation by inhibitory coreceptors: an inositol polyphosphate 5'-phosphatase, SHIP, and a tyrosine phosphatase, SHP-1. To address the necessity, interaction, or redundancy of these signaling molecules, we have generated SHP-1- or SHIP-deficient B cell lines and determined their ability to mediate inhibitory signaling. Two distinct classes of inhibitory responses are defined, mediated by the selective recruitment of SHP-1 or SHIP. The Fc gammaRIIB class of inhibitory signaling is dependent on SHIP and not SHP-1; conversely, the KIR class requires SHP-1 and not SHIP. The consequence of this selective recruitment by inhibitory receptor engagement is seen in BCR-triggered apoptosis. SHP-1-mediated inhibitory signaling blocks apoptosis, while SHIP recruitment attenuates a proapoptotic signal initiated by Fc gammaRIIB.[1]


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