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Identification and cloning of the human homolog (JAG1) of the rat Jagged1 gene from the Alagille syndrome critical region at 20p12.

Notch proteins are a family of closely related transmembrane receptors proven to be instrumental in cell fate decisions. Recently, Notch ligands Delta and Jagged have been identified in Drosophila and rat, respectively. We have isolated the human homolog of the rat Jagged1 gene, JAG1, from a CpG island in a YAC clone covering the Alagille syndrome critical region at chromosome 20p12 (tel-SNAP-D20S186-cen). Alagille syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by neonatal jaundice, paucity of intrahepatic bile ducts, and abnormalities of the heart, skeleton, and eyes. The human Jagged1 (JAG1), therefore, appears to be a strong candidate gene for this disease. Here we describe the identification, full-length cDNA cloning, expression patterns, and precise physical location of this gene within the Alagille syndrome critical region.[1]


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