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Effects of early surfactant treatment persisting for one week after lung transplantation in rats.

We investigated whether pulmonary surfactant in rat lung transplants recovered during the first week post-transplantation, along with symptoms of the reimplantation response, and whether this recovery was affected by early surfactant treatment. The severity of pulmonary injury was varied by transplanting left lungs with 6-h and 20-h ischemia (n = 12 and 19, respectively). Half of the transplants were treated by instillation of surfactant before reperfusion. Lungs from sham operated, and normal rats (n = 4 and 5, respectively) served as controls. The pulmonary injury severely impaired lung transplant function; 10 of the worst affected animals died. After 1 wk, symptoms of reimplantation response and properties of pulmonary surfactant were assessed. If untreated, the reimplantation response had almost resolved in the 6-h but not in the 20-h ischemia group; pulmonary surfactant, however, continued to be deficient in both ischemia groups (low amounts of surfactant phospholipids and surfactant protein A [SP-A]). Surfactant treatment improved the recovery from injury in the 20-h ischemia group resulting in normal lung function and amounts of surfactant phospholipids. Amounts of SP-A were not improved by surfactant treatment. In conclusion, early surfactant treatment enhances recovery from transplantation injury and is persistently beneficial for pulmonary surfactant in lung transplants.[1]


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