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Lung Transplantation

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  • We performed studies in a rat orthotopic lung transplantation model of acute rejection, and demonstrated increased expression of CXCL9 and CXCL10 paralleling the recruitment of mononuclear cells and cells expressing CXCR3 to the allograft [30].
  • We have demonstrated the importance of IL-8 in predicting early graft function after human lung transplantation [31].
  • Therapies directed at inhibition of innate immune responses mediated by TLR4 may represent a novel and effective means to prevent acute rejection after lung transplantation [32].
  • RESULTS: A significant correlation was detected between the presence of high-expression polymorphisms of the IL-6 and IFN-gamma genes and BOS development after lung transplantation (P =0.045 and 0.039, respectively) [33].
  • However, the activity of these newly synthesized NOS proteins remains suppressed during the ischemia-reperfusion period of lung transplantation [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lung Transplantation


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