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Medical oncology and geriatric medicine: is it time for fellowship integration?

Although training programs exist in both medical oncology and geriatrics (approved by the American Board of Internal Medicine), neither is adequate to ensure an appropriate supply of physicians to assume a leadership role in the treatment of the increasing number of geriatric patients who have or will develop a malignancy. A proposal for offering a 3-4 year program leading to dual certification is under consideration. A careful review of both the medical oncology training program and added qualifications in geriatrics has identified key components of each that can serve as a basis for a combined program. Such a program can encourage research into behavior modification of existing biases in referring geriatric oncology patients for treatment as well as a better understanding of the biology of aging, addressing in particular the pharmacology of anticancer agents in this unique population. It is anticipated that pilot projects will be undertaken to develop common pathways for developing combined programs in medical oncology and geriatrics. The second phase will include recruitment of selected candidates who are interested in an academic career in geriatric oncology. A need for additional academic-based geriatric oncologists has been identified that can address the anticipated increase in the incidence and presence of cancer in an aging population. Such a cadre of specialists will be in an excellent position to recommend changes in the current (mostly negative) approach to the management of cancer in patients age > 65 years.[1]


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