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Xsox17alpha and -beta mediate endoderm formation in Xenopus.

We have isolated two Xenopus relatives of murine Sox17 expressed in gastrula presumptive endoderm. Xsox17alpha and -beta expression can be induced in animal caps by activin, but not by FGF. Ectopic expression of these genes in animal caps induces the expression of endoderm markers; this induction is blocked by overexpression of a fusion of the Xsox17beta HMG domain to the Drosophila Engrailed repressor domain, as is induction of endoderm markers by activin and the expression of endodermal markers in whole embryos and isolated vegetal poles. These experiments, as well as the effects of the mRNAs on embryo phenotypes, suggest that the Xsox17 genes mediate an activin-induced endoderm differentiation pathway in animal caps and are involved in normal endoderm differentiation in embryos.[1]


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