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The maintenance of per-operative mydriasis in phacoemulsification with topical diclofenac sodium.

PURPOSE: To determine whether the use of topical diclofenac sodium (diclofenac) pre-operatively improves the maintenance of per-operative mydriasis, in conjunction with irrigating solutions containing adrenaline. METHODS: Sixty-four consecutive patients undergoing phacoemulsification were randomised to receive either diclofenac or no diclofenac in conjunction with cyclopentolate 1% and phenylephrine 10% pre-operatively. They subsequently underwent routine phacoemulsification by one consultant surgeon. Irrigating solutions of balanced salt solution contained adrenaline 1:10(6). Pupil diameters were measured pre-sclerostomy, post-phacoemulsification, post-irrigation/aspiration and on day 1 post-operatively. These were then compared by Student's t-test. RESULTS: The two groups were statistically similar in age and sex. The mean pre-sclerostomy pupillary diameters were 8.1 mm in both groups. The mean post-phacoemulsification diameters were 7.6 mm in those receiving diclofenac and 7.2 mm in those not (p = 0.03). The mean diameters after infusion/aspiration were 7.7 mm in those receiving diclofenac and 7.1 mm in those not (p = 0.008). The mean pupillary diameters on day 1 were 5.3 mm in those receiving diclofenac and 4.6 mm in those not (p = 0.003). CONCLUSION: Diclofenac improves the maintenance of per-operative mydriasis, in the presence of irrigating solutions containing adrenaline.[1]


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