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Kidney size estimation in piglets using dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) scintigraphy.

The objective of this study was to validate kidney size measurements obtained by DMSA scintigraphy in kidneys of sizes relevant in paediatric practice. Kidney length, width and volume were measured by DMSA scintigraphy in 10 piglets in vivo and compared with measurements on excised kidneys using callipers, planar scintigraphy and submersion in water. In addition, a kidney phantom was constructed and placed in a torso phantom. The length, width and volume of the kidney phantom were compared with planar and tomographic scintigraphic measurements. The mean overestimation of kidney length by scintigraphy was 1.7% (+/- 1.2%) on excised kidneys and 3.9% (+/- 2.4%) in vivo. The corresponding figures for width measurements were 7.0% (+/- 3.9%) and 7.8% (+/- 4.4%). Tomography volume estimation overestimated the submersion volume by 23% (+/- 12%). Scintigraphic measurements on the phantom over-estimated length by 5%, width by 8% and volume by 11%. Scintigraphic renal length measurements are reliable and differ from the anatomical length by < 4% compared with excised kidneys and < 8% in vivo. Scintigraphic width measurements and volume estimations, especially on small kidneys, are less reliable.[1]


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