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Biodegradation of phthalic acid esters in river water and activated sludge.

The primary and ultimate biodegradability of phthalic acid, monobutyl phthalate, and five structurally diverse phthalic acid ester plasticizers in river water and activated sludge samples were determined via ultraviolet spectrophotometry, gas chromatography, and CO2 evolution. The compounds studied underwent rapid primary biodegradation in both unacclimated river water and acclimated activated sludge. When activated sludge acclimated to phthalic acid esters was used as the inoculum for the CO2 evolution procedure, greater than 85% of the total theoretical CO2 was evolved. These studies demonstrate that the phthalic acid ester plasticizers and intermediate degradation products readily undergo ultimate degradation in different mixed microbial systems at concentrations ranging from 1 to 83 mg/liter.[1]


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