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Assessment of ocular trauma associated with head and neck injuries.

We reviewed the real and potential ocular problems in all head and neck injuries at a tertiary care and regional trauma center from April of 1994 to March of 1995. Through a retrospective study, 127 charts were reviewed, specifically looking at the mechanism of injury, types of injury, whether there was any ocular trauma noted in the chart, and whether there was a consultation to the ophthalmology department. Forty-one of these patients were seen by an ophthalmologist as the initial consultant for ocular and orbital injuries recognized by the emergency staff. In the 86 remaining patients, signs of potential ocular injury were recorded in the chart in 62 (72%) of these patients, yet an ophthalmology consultation was requested for only 23 of them (37%). This survey reveals the lack of awareness in a regional trauma center of certain ocular and periocular signs that may be indicative of more serious ocular injuries. It is the purpose of this article to highlight these concerns to the various health professionals involved with head and neck trauma patients in the hope that the patients will, in the end, benefit from a more thorough and complete assessment of the potential ocular and periocular injuries.[1]


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